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10310 High Street, Truckee, CA

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You Can also Purchase our Hoops by
contacting us:

1) by phone (530) 582-4121


2) or Email:


~We ship anywhere in the USA !!~


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Purchase Hoops at:


Geared for Games, Boatworks Mall, Tahoe City, CA


Mind Play, Village at Squaw Valley, CA


Prices vary according to the type and number of tape wraps


Micro Hoopers (1/2″ tube, 20″-35″, <1 lb) 


Great for Little Kids and Professional Adults (<100 lbs),

Fast Tricks and Stretching!


Mini Hoopers (3/4″ tube, 22″-40″, <1 lb):

Great for Kids and Adults, Fast Tricks and Stretching!


Happy Hoopers (3/4″ tube, 38-42″, 1-1/2 lbs):


Great Overall Hoop for Beginners, Exercise, Dancing, and Hoop Tricks !


Hooper Dooper (1″ tube, 38-42″, 1-1/2 lbs):


Larger Hoop, Great for Beginners, Dancing and Exercise!


~Custom Hoop Prices Vary~

$.50 from every Elevation Hoop purchased is donated to ~

Many Hoop Styles and Colors to Choose From!

Great for Gifts, Exercise, Parties and Fun!


We can make any  Hoop with Custom Team or School Colors!


Pro Teams:       49ers      A’s     Giants    Lakers   and more!!

College Teams:     USC     UCLA     UGA     UNR    Stanford    Montana State  and more!!!

High Schools:  Truckee High, Harbor High, and more!!!!   


Hula Hoop Or, We’ll Customize One For You! Hula-hoop




~We only make <1lb to 2 lb hoops for waist hooping, dancing and tricks!~
We DO NOT endorse Heavy, Weighted Hoops greater than 3 lbs
and (sorry!) we do not make the heavy, weighed hoops
We believe the weighted “fitness” hoops are not safe,
especially for beginners!
They cause painful bruises and possibly serious injuries!

We make Hoops of every color combination!





*Hula Hoop is a registered trademark of Wham-O, Inc.

Truckee amd Lake Tahoe Hula Hoops